The Town of Digby
Nestled on the west side of the Annapolis Basin is the Town of Digby. Settled in 1783 by United Empire Loyalists, the Digby Area contains diverse environments with inland rivers, lakes and coastal vistas.
On the Fundy Shores

Town of Digby is known for its world famous Digby Scallops, an eating experience that is a must while staying in the area. Like the Bay of Fundy itself, it is phenomenal.

Interesting Facts:
  • Named after Admiral Robert Digby, the town is famous for its scallop fishing fleet and the MV Fundy Rose ferry service connecting to Saint John, New Brunswick.
  • Digby is called Weskewinaq by the Mi’kmaq meaning “a cheerful place.”¹
  • We have a song about us! “Welcome to Digby Town” by Lynn Nicholson, Published in 1971 by London Records of Canada. CLICK HERE to listen to it.
  • One famous Digby vessel was the brigantine Dei Gratia, which discovered the famous mystery ship Mary Celeste in 1872.
For more information about Digby, visit their website at Digby.ca
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Things to do:
  • Dine on world famous Digby Scallops at many of our local Restaurants and Eateries
  • Come by the Visitors Centre at 237 Shore Road in Digby for more information about the Town.