The Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve

The Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve (SNBR) is a UNESCO designated and internationally recognized region of natural and cultural heritage. The SNBR spans the 5 counties of Annapolis, Digby, Yarmouth, Shelburne and Queens and is one of only 16 biosphere reserves in Canada. The area was recognized and became a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2001.

Rocks along the Fundy shores

Rocks along the Fundy shores

The Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve is a place where you can appreciate an extraordinary diverse natural landscape, surrounded by the sea, that has and continues to shape local culture. At our core we have the nationally protected Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site combined with the provincially protected Tobeatic Wildnerness Area, the largest wilderness area in Atlantic Canada.

Referred to as “Kespukwitk” (Land Ends) by the Mi’kmaw people, this is the place where the flowing waters meet the ocean. Immerse yourself in our many lakes and rivers, surrounded by the majestic Acadian forest or escape to the spectacular seacoast.

Our UNESCO Biosphere is home to the highest diversity of reptiles and amphibians east of Ontario and more than 75% of Nova Scotia’s species at risk. The area also has the largest collection of petroglyphs in eastern North America.

The basalt shores around Freeport, Long Island

The basalt shores around Freeport, Long Island

The Biosphere has the rugged coast of the Bay of Fundy on one side, which boasts the highest tides in the world, where water rises and falls as much as 50 feet twice a day and is bountiful in sea vegetables and sea life. On the other, a coastline of sandy beaches invite you to explore, hear and feel the crisp Atlantic Ocean and her powerful surf.

The area is teeming with natural and cultural diversity. Our cultural landscape consists of deep-rooted cultures: Mi’Kmaq, Acadian, Loyalists and Scottish.

Come, sample and experience our UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Embark on an ocean adventure in search of whales or periwinkles, assist Mother Nature in caring for her species at risk, retrace the footsteps of our Mi`Kmaq people, or explore and savour the Biospehere by paddle or foot. You`ll find yourself connecting to the unique cultural and physical landscapes we call home.

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