• Music on the Sissiboo
  • Seals on the rocks along the Bay of Fundy
  • Sissiboo Landing information and interpretive center downtown Weymouth
  • Tour de New France Mountain Bike Rally held in September
  • Up close encounters. Whale watching in the Bay of Fundy, photo by Mariner Cruises
  • Shucking a scallop at the Digby Scallop Days
  • The Digby Scallop Days Parade, always a crowd favourite
  • The Digby Scallop Days Parade takes place every August
  • Learning to shuck a scallop during the scallop days
  • buskers perform at the various festivals in summer
  • Buskers entertain during the various festivals in the area
  • The Car Show and Shine during the Digby Scallop Days
  • Sunrise on the Annapolis Basin
  • The Bay of Fundy is home to some of the most succulent lobsters in the world
  • Sunrise on the Digby scallop fleet
  • Sunrise at the Digby waterfront
  • The Trinity Anglican Church is a heritage property located on Queen Street in Digby. Tours are offered during the summer season
  • The Stones, Steeples, Ships and Seafood historic walking tour in Digby by Gael Tours
  • Gael Tours leading a tour along the Fundy Shores at Point Prim
  • Whale Cove along Digby Neck
  • The View from Mount Shubel at Sandy Cove, Digby Neck
  • A Peregrine Falcon in Bear River. Photo by Sledding Hill
  • Bear River, the village on stilts. Photo by Sledding Hill
  • Digby Neck and Islands is full of busy little fishing wharfs
  • The basalt shores around Freeport, Long Island
  • Digby wharf and town are a pretty sight any time of year
  • Tiverton, as seen from the Althouse Lookoff.
  • The Althouse lookoff, overlooking the Petit Passage between Long Island and Digby Neck. You can just see Boars Head lighthouse on the Bay of Fundy side.
  • Western Light on Brier Island, one of several lighthouses to be found around the island
  • Hiking along the Bay of Fundy Shoreline. Always make sure to be aware of the tides!
  • Lobster boat at the Little River wharf on Digby Neck
  • The Bay of Fundy tides create quite a current in the passages between the islands
  • Another sunset at Point Prim lighthouse
  • Skunk cabbage grows abundantly along the Balancing Rock trail
  • Whale Cove, Digby Neck
  • The Digby area is home to some amazing art studios and galleries. The Flight of Fancy in Bear River is widely considered one of the best art galleries in the province.
  • Forgotten memories antiques along Highway 1 near Brighton
  • Hiking the Fundy shoreline with the local Fundy Erratics hiking group
  • The Fundy Shoreline offers ever-changing views
  • Rocks along the Fundy shores
  • Annapolis Basin by Neil Pothier, Jan 20 2018
  • Cold again by Neil Pothier, Feb 3 2018
  • Wet and Mild by Neil Pothier, Feb 2 2018
  • Sunrise at the Digby waterfront
  • Fishing boats heading past Peter Island lighthouse at Brier Island
  • Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse
  • Digby Court House
  • Majestic whales. Photo by Mariner Cruises
  • Sailboats in Annapolis Basin
  • Humpback whale. Picture by Petit Passage Whale Watch
  • Hiking out to Beautiful Cove at Freeport, Long Island
  • Sandy Cove beach


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