Casa Nova Fine Beverages
Street Address:
2635 Clementsvale Rd
Bear River East
Nova Scotia
Business Phone:
(902) 467-0363

Bear River has been at the heart of new world winemaking for hundreds of years and is considered one of the establishing winemaking locations in North America. Our Casa Nova Fine Beverages story began in 2017 when Karen and Brendan Enright realized their dreams of opening a vineyard and winery.

Joining as a co-owner, Piers Greenwood brought a wealth of winemaking experience from the United Kingdom. As a three-time recipient of "English Winemaker of the Year," Piers's extraordinary talent and vision have helped craft our beverages into today's unique and high-quality products.

As wine lovers, we were inspired by the romanticism of wine and aptly named our business after the most famous lover of all, Casa Nova.

With a history in the culinary world, paired with training in viticulture and enology, we were soon producing the distinctive wine and cello products we have become known for.

Inspired by the rich agriculture of the area, we started producing cider in 2018 using 100% Nova Scotian apples. Since then, Cherry Cider, Crabby Grannies, 1606 and Buddy’s Cider have been celebrated across the province and abroad for their crisp and refreshing experience.