Maud Lewis in The Digby Area

There are three official Maud Lewis monuments in the Digby Area.

Maud Lewis Memorial Park (511 Hwy#1, Marshalltown, Digby County)

The Maud Lewis Memorial Park is located at 511 Hwy#1 in Marshalltown, about 3 minutes west of Digby. This site includes a colourful perennial garden, picnic tables, benches and three interpretive panels; one featuring Maud‘s story and art legacy, a second about the restoration and conservation of her original home, and a third about the steel replica memorial. The steel memorial marks the site where Maud and her husband Everett lived from 1938 – 1970 in a small house completely painted inside and out with folksy motifs.
Murray Ross Replica of the Maud Lewis House (11585 Highway 217, Rossway)

Murray Ross’ family was close to Maud and Everett. Murray met them when he was 10 years old and visited their home. Ross built a replica house about 6-8 km from the Marshalltown Memorial site. It is located beside his home in Rossway. He went through great efforts to ensure it was authentic. It took Ross about a year to research the original house before he built the replica. After it was built, visitors started to arrive, telling Ross their stories about Maud. Copies of Maud‘s paintings and framed photographs adorn the walls. The replica house even has a bed similar to Maud‘s. Ross also constructed a copy of the shop used by Everett. Ross said Everett used the shop to store firewood and to keep scallop shells and stones for Maud to paint. Ross‘ bird feeders, shaped as Maud‘s house, are featured in the shop.
Maud Lewis Gravesite (North Range Cemetery)

“Maud Lewis will paint no more“, read the front page story in the Digby County Courier on August 6th, 1970. The author said, “Maud lived her life with fortitude and courage and she beams of sunshine in the homes of others“. Maud died on Thursday, July 30th, 1970 and was buried in a child‘s coffin on August 3rd. Maud Lewis‘ final resting place in North Range cemetery is a 10-12 minute drive from the Maud Lewis Memorial Park. The Municipality of Digby has added a bench at her gravesite and, to make it easier to find, there is a painting of two oxen. This small rural cemetery is on the right side of the North Range Crossing, about 5 kilometers south of Highway 101 in Barton.
On top of that, we have our Maud Lewis painted building in downtown Digby, the mailboxes outside of the Digby Post Office, there’s a display at the Digby VIC and official Maud Lewis items that can be purchased at the Admiral Digby Museum.