Digby Area Lighthouses

Summer 2021: Digby Lights Tour

It’s a good day for a Lighthouse Adventure! 

Visit all 8 of the Digby Area Lighthouses and post your selfies of each of the lighthouses on social media with the hashtag #digbylights

When you finish your tour, stop by the Digby Visitor Information Centre to receive your own souvenir Digby Area keychain!

Fill out a ballot to win our grand prize of a basket of local treats, tours and accommodations! Lighthouse tour will extend through to the Fall 2021.

Pick up your Digby Lights tour kit at any of the Digby Area businesses or at the Digby Visitor Information Centre @ 110 Montague Row, Digby, NS B0V 1A0

Boars Head Lighthouse

Boars Head Lighthouse at sunset

Boars Head Lighthouse at sunset

Boar’s Head Lighthouse stands high on the cliffs of Long Island at Tiverton, Nova Scotia along the shores of the Bay of Fundy. The lighthouse still operates today aiding vessels in their travels as the Bay of Fundy around Long Island can become hard to manoeuvre through at times.

Standing at a height of 33 feet, the light atop shines across Petit Passage in the Bay of Fundy for 12 nautical miles, flashing every 12 seconds.

The lighthouse is often closed off by a gate to stop vehicles from entering, but visitors are welcome to walk to the cliffs and admire the historic lighthouse and enjoy the scenery. There are several picnic benches set up and a new look off trail to the Althouse Lookoff can be found about halfway up (watch for the walking bridge at the first sharp left turn in the road). Coming off the ferry, turn right or park in the harbor parking lot on your right and simply walk up.

Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse

Gilbert`s Cove Lighthouse

Kayaking at Gilbert’s Cove

Gilbert’s Cove just 18 – 20 km west of Digby on the 101 Highway is a charming spot. Stopping there on a hot summer’s day and feeling that pleasant ocean breeze is like coming upon an oasis. If you enjoy historic buildings, you can wonder around inside the old lighthouse itself. It was built in 1904 and had only two light-keepers throughout its years of service, both being from the same family. Stop by for some refreshments, or to learn more about the history of the lighthouse and surrounding area, ask our friendly staff. This is also a good spot to sit around in the evening and watch the sun as it sets over Saint Mary’s Bay and Digby Neck, the sunsets are spectacular.

The lighthouse is open 10:00 am to 4 pm Monday to Saturday; Sunday noon to 4 pm. from mid-June to mid-September. The Lighthouse Family Picnic is held on the 3rd Sunday in July, focusing on local musical talent, good food, prizes and fun for all. Visitors are free to tour the lighthouse which houses archival displays, genealogy information, an active quilting room, local crafts and a tearoom. The picnic grounds and surrounding shore are freely accessible. You can enjoy a walk along the shoreline and when the tide is out, you may find small shells and rocks covered with barnacles, or just relax and listen to the ocean as the waves roll in.


Point Prim Lighthouse

Sunset at Point Prim Lighthouse

Sunset at Point Prim Lighthouse

Point Prim lighthouse is located about 8.5 kilometers outside of Digby, at the end of Lighthouse Road.

Overlooking the Bay of Fundy right at the entrance to the “Digby Gut”, the currents are an awesome sight. It is also a spot where seals, porpoises and whales are regularly sighted right from shore. Just bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the view!

At Point Prim you will find several shorter hiking trails, or you can choose to hike along the rocky shore for a bit. The rock formations are quite unique, and the information panels at Point Prim will tell you how these formations came to be.


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