When To See Whales In the Digby Area

When and where does whale watching happen in the Digby Area?

Whale watching goes from mid June until the end of September. You can catch tours at the end of Digby Neck, as well as, on Long & Brier Island.
The Digby Area is one of the best places in North America for whale watching. The Bay of Fundy is a fragile ecosystem that provides a nutritious food supply to numerous species of birds, fish, bottom-dwellers and, of course, whales.

Whales that consider the Bay of Fundy their home are Humpback, Pilot, and the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale. On rare occasions you may even see an Orca.

Dolphins, bluefin tuna, sea turtles, puffins and basking sharks are also often seen on tours.

Whale watching tours aren’t just about seeing marine life though. They are also history and biology lessons. They are great opportunities to see our rugged coastline and to feel the beautiful sun bounce off of the mighty Bay of Fundy.

You can do private tours, trivia tours, and even sunset cruises! Check out our website to get more information on whale watching tours in the Digby Area.

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